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Ephedra was the best herbal fat burner ever discovered but it is now illegal to sell.

The problem: Marketers have created a loophole where they can pretend to sell you ephedra but they are taking advantage of you by selling a fake version of the real fat burning ephedra.

They often call this useless version Ephedra Extract.

Ephedra Extract

WARNING: Do NOT Buy any of the scam Ephedra Extract ephedra diet pills being sold right now.

Are You Confused By Thousands of Herbal Fat Burners on the Market?

I bet you are confused by all the diet pill choices out there and you just close your eyes and make a purchase hoping you are not making a mistake.

I mean, it says right on the label that it contains ephedra, and ephedra is the best fat burner you can buy right?

You would be correct. Ephedra is the best fat burner.

Except for 2 problems!

  1. The FDA outlawed ephedra in diet pills years ago back in 2004.
  2. The companies selling you “ephedra diet pills” today are not being completely truthful.

Hi, my name is Todd Massey and I think that real ephedra, as found in the old fashioned fat burners helped a lot of people lose weight.

I was mad when the FDA banned ephedra and did not fully understand why, although I have my opinions about the subject.

A lot of people were confused about the legal issues around ephedra weight loss pills and then the marketers started selling this junk on the market and I knew a lot of people were being mislead.

I have been at this website for years helping people to avoid wasting money and getting back the “power of ephedra

I have owned this website since 2002

I have owned this website since 2002

So Todd, Tell Me More About Ephedra. How Are They Lying To Me?

There are people just like you who are fighting to become more healthy and to lose weight but the FDA decided to take one of the most effective natural fat burners off the market by making ephedra diet pills illegal.

Ephedra diet pills were very popular and effective at helping people to burn fat.

Now unscrupulous marketers are taking advantage of you by selling you fake ephedra weight loss pills.

SPECIAL NOTICE: I am getting ready to save you anywhere from $40 – $100 every time you go to buy an ephedra diet pill you see on the market today.

Ephedra Diet Pills Are Illegal!

That’s right, Ephedra diet pills are illegal to sell in the US and many other countries.

“I can hear you now.”

But Todd, If I go to Google and search for “ephedra diet pills” I can find all kinds of stores selling them.

ephedra diet pills

The Dirty Secret of Ephedra Extract

Do not let them take advantage of you!

Once you know the dirty secret of marketers and ephedra extract you can stop wasting money.

It is a little bit complicated but keep reading because I hope to succeed in making you a smarter consumer.

Remember I told you ephedra was made illegal in the US and other countries?

Well, you may be asking yourself, “If ephedra is illegal then how come all these stores seem to be selling ephedra diet pills?

The companies that manufacture these so-called ephedra products have left out the most important ingredient.


  • The most important ingredient in ephedra fat burners is ephedrine
  • Ephedrine is also the chemical that helps your body to burn more fat

The loophole these companies take advantage of is the fact that diet pills cannot be adulterated with the chemical ephedrine. Ephedrine in ephedra fat burners is illegal.

Some species of the ephedra plant, like Ma Huang, naturally contain ephedrine. But, there are plenty of other species of the ephedra plant that do not contain ephedrine.

As long as the ephedra does not contain the fat burning ingredient, ephedrine, then the fat burner is legal. So the diet pill companies invented Ephedra Extract.

Ephedra Extract sounds really good and powerful. But without ephedrine it is a useless herb for fat burning and weight loss.

Ephedra Extract does not contain ephedrine. If ephedrine is the chemical that helped burn fat, that means all these fat burners with Ephedra Extract are not nearly as effective at they advertise themselves to be.

OK, so I have tried to save you $40-$100 by telling you to avoid at all cost, fat burners and diet pills that claim to have fat burning properties based on the ingredient ephedra extract.

Do not buy these products because they are not being completely truthful with you. I am not saying these brands or fat burners are bad or ineffective, but if they are implying that the fat burning comes from real fat burning ephedra then you need to stop and think twice.

The Black Market Report On Ephedrine

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